Question 20.40

Where can I get extra copies of this list? What about back issues?

An up-to-date copy may be obtained from in directory xxx or in directory u/s/scs/C-faq/. You can also just pull it off the net; it is normally posted to comp.lang.c on the first of each month, with an Expires: line which should keep it around all month. A parallel, abridged version is available (and posted), as is a list of changes accompanying each significantly updated version.

The various versions of this list are also posted to the newsgroups comp.answers and news.answers . Several sites archive news.answers postings and other FAQ lists, including this one; two sites are (directories pub/usenet/news.answers/C-faq/ and pub/usenet/comp.lang.c/) and (directory usenet/news.answers/C-faq/). An archie server (see question 18.16) should help you find others; ask it to ``find C-faq''. If you don't have ftp access, a mailserver at can mail you FAQ lists: send a message containing the single word help to . See the meta-FAQ list in news.answers for more information.

An extended version of this FAQ list is being published by Addison-Wesley as C Programming FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions (ISBN 0-201-84519-9). It should be available in November 1995.

This list is an evolving document of questions which have been Frequent since before the Great Renaming, not just a collection of this month's interesting questions. Older copies are obsolete and don't contain much, except the occasional typo, that the current list doesn't.

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