14. Floating Point

14.1 When I set a float variable to 3.1, why is printf printing it as 3.0999999?

14.2 Why is sqrt(144.) giving me crazy numbers?

14.3 I keep getting ``undefined: sin'' compilation errors.

14.4 My floating-point calculations are acting strangely and giving me different answers on different machines.

14.5 What's a good way to check for ``close enough'' floating-point equality?

14.6 How do I round numbers?

14.7 Where is C's exponentiation operator?

14.8 The pre-#defined constant M_PI seems to be missing from <math.h>.

14.9 How do I test for IEEE NaN and other special values?

14.11 What's a good way to implement complex numbers in C?

14.12 I'm looking for some mathematical library code.

14.13 I'm having trouble with a Turbo C program which crashes and says something like ``floating point formats not linked.''